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Changing the way you view the service industry

We all decided that it was time to start a company that offered excellent customer service with high-class technicians. Kamikaze Cooling and Heating was created with the sole purpose to leave our customers satisfied and happy. Please allow us to show you that genuine customer service and care still exists in the repair industry.



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Mark- Owner- Contractor- “Florida grown” with over 10 years of maintenance and repair experience. Understands the property management business with experience as a lead property manager. He believes if it is not done right then the job is not done. He goes above and beyond to ensure that the technicians are educated and knowledgeable in their field. To say he is a perfectionist would be an understatement. 

We are fully licensed and insured . Please let us know if you need to be added as a certificate holder on our liability insurance. 

Whether it’s your pool or your air conditioning, routine maintenance to diagnostics, Kamikaze will treat your property as if it belongs to us.  With fast repairs and installations, you are well taken care of as one of our valued customers. We pride ourselves in always ensuring we leave your property confident that we completed a job well done. Available 7 days a week, we are here for you! 


To be your number one choice in pool and hvac service and repairs

What’s important to our customers is important to us. We treat everyone like they are a priority with prompt service and great communication.

-          Homeowners, property managers, business owners.

-          Our neighbors

About us_Hvac and pool repair

The term "kamikaze" originates from the Japanese language, combining "kami," meaning "divine" or "spirit," and "kaze," meaning "wind." Initially referring to a divine wind that protected Japan from invasion by Mongol fleets in the 13th century, the word symbolizes a force of divine intervention and protection.

At Kamikaze Cooling and Heating, we embrace the powerful and protective essence of our name. Just as the kamikaze winds shielded Japan from harm, we are committed to ensuring your comfort and well-being. Our name reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality cooling and heating services that you can trust. When you choose Kamikaze Cooling and Heating, you can rely on us to provide effective solutions that prioritize your comfort and peace of mind. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in maintaining a comfortable environment in your home or business.

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